As the exhibit was set to open during the Coronavirus pandemic, I was tasked to reimagine the physical exhibit as a digital experience, allowing museum-goers to admire the artwork from their homes.
In order to stay true to how a viewer would experience the physical exhibit, I decided that the interaction for the site should be akin to a digital map: pannable and zoomable with a mouse, giving the user the freedom to scan freely on the canvas. Zooming proved to be an issue in certain browsers, so we added zoom buttons on the top-right corner for better accessibility.
The artwork on the Ephemera Wall relates directly to videos created for the exhibit, which plays on a constant loop on an adjacent wall in the real-life display. I wanted to convey to users that these works were connected, so I included a button that appears when artwork is selected that displays a list of related works in the exhibit.

Once the project ended, I had the opportunity to see the exhibit in person! What a fun ride.

Take a look at the virtual exhibit here. (works best on Chrome)

Some more goodies.